Why Mojo?

It’s our passion and purpose to connect people in cities with nature, at home.

Plants are proven to purify our air, ease our stress and boost our mood. And it doesn’t get more organic or local to grow your own food.

As more and more people are living in small apartments, there is less space to grow. There are also more rules.

Therefor we tried to come up with smart natural solutions to grow everywhere!


We are made in Europe.

All the materials we use originate and also our entire production takes place over here.

Like that we can reduce our supply chain to the minimum needed and work as sufficient and sustainable as possible.

Our wood is FSC certified and origins from Germany or France. By working really closely with our suppliers we try to reach conditions for an even more sustainable production.

The entire wood work is done in Ravenstein, The Netherlands and the metal pieces are produced in Cologne, Germany.


Please feel free to leave your feedback and help us improve. Let’s make our cities greener.

Moselstraße 4, 50674 Köln, Germany

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